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Pennsylvania Municipal Electric Association

Welcome to PMEA  |  Pennsylvania Municipal Electric Association

PMEA is the trade association representing the Boroughs in Pennsylvania which own and operate electric distribution systems.
These Boroughs provide reliable, low-cost electric service to all citizens and businesses within their geographic territories.

Welcome to the website of the Best options trading platform Pennsylvania Municipal Electric Association (PMEA). We are the association, recognized under section 501(c) (6) of the Internal Revenue Code, consisting of the 35 municipalities—all Boroughs—in Pennsylvania who are in the public power business. We are a diversified and unique group of small and large municipalities who each buy power at a wholesale rate from an outside generator/distributor and then provide power at a retail rate to the residential, commercial, and industrial customers in our municipalities.

PMEA consists of Municipal Members (identified in our by-laws as Regular Members) and Associate Members, who are companies who are also businesses to assist and provide services to municipal power companies.

Our mission, as defined in our by-laws, is (1) to promote cooperation between, and the betterment of municipal corporations, state agencies and political subdivisions, other public or quasi-public local, state and Federal corporations, bodies and agencies, cooperative associations, non-profit corporations and similar organizations, domestic or foreign, that own, operate, or control eBay shares electric generation, transmission or distribution facilities (hereafter "Public Power Systems")


or are specifically authorized by law to own or operate such facilities; (2) to assist public and/or non-profit agencies, foundations, commissions, authorities and similar organizations, domestic and foreign, engaged in planning, coordinating or administrating programs related to the development and use of electric power resources; (3) to promote the mutual improvement and common purposes of the public power sector of the electric utility industry; (4) to educate and assist the public power sector of the electric utility industry with particular regard to (a) management and operation; (b) engineering, design, construction, operation and research; (c) accounting and commercial practice; (d) public policy; (e) personnel training; and (f) such other matters as may be common to, or of general interest to invest in Amazon shares, public power systems.

If you should have any questions concerning PMEA, our Annual Conference, or any other issue, please contact
David Woglom • Executive Director
P: 610.330.5856 • E:

- Jeffrey Stonehill, PMEA President
  Chambersburg Borough Manager


Pennsylvania Municipal Electric Association
123 West Main Street • Grove City, PA 16127


The Power of Working Together


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